Apple to Launch iPad Mini Separate Event in October 2012 Confirmed

Like previous versions of iPhone and iPad this time people are also waiting anxiously for the next generation iPhone along with iPad Mini. More anticipation and discomfort is seen among the people due to the innovation in electronic items provided by Apple. This time all new tablet, iPad Mini’s launch is planned about which a number of rumors are spread daily. Previously, it was revealed that iPad Mini was planned on 12 September with the announcement of 5th generation iPhone. But later on there was a rumor that new iPad Mini may be launched somewhere in October. Well that was a rumor but today, allthingsd has confirmed that new iPad Mini will be launched in October this year.

iPad Mini Pictures

You must have noticed that Apple generally releases multiple products at a time but now with the gap of only one month another new product will be released. One thing is for sure that Apple customers will also have more options available in shape of small and large tablets. There are speculations that both of these events will be blockbusters in the field of technology for customers.

According to various views, Apple wants their each product to be at the top with this separate launch strategy. In case, they were released on the same date, the attention of people was expected to be diverted either on any one of them or divided between the both. According to Apple, the new iPhone will be a top quality product so they never want that one of them is neglected by any means.

By now when only a couple of weeks left in the next iPhone’s release, we have a fair idea of what to expect from next generation devices. Apparently the new iPhone will look somewhat similar to iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S with some significant changes in terms of screen size etc.

The screen of iPhone will become larger, however, the width and dpi are expected to remain same bringing the display’s diameter to a little more than 4-inches. This screen size increase will be first time in case of Apple iPhone. In order to facilitate the new large screen, the device itself will also be a little longer, and its start button will look comparatively smaller.

The Mini iPad, is expected to be with the same lower dock connector and will give a look of a big iPod Touch due to thin bezels along its sides, although there may still be some changes when the product is in our hands on release date. Storage space of iPad Mini is likely to start from 8 GB, and while there are no accurate rumors about its price until the special event in October, however, it is believed to be around $200 if Apple wants to compete with Kindle Fire.

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