Apple Responds to SMS Spoofing Security Concerns Found by Pod2g on iPhone

If you are one of the Apple iPhone smartphone user then heard about the latest security concerns raised by Pod2g. If you have not, let us tell you that famous French Hacker Pod2g has found the security exploit in Apple’s operating system that is iOS (any version including the latest beta of iOS 6). Those who were current on the subject felt a lot of unease because SMS is a kind of thing which is being rigorously used by almost all mobile phone users. Millions of messages are sent and received over the iPhone apps per hour but if they are not secured and can be hacked by anyone, it really has created unrest among all users in the World.


This possible news of SMS security news was spread at lightning speed all over the World. It is definitely a matter of concern for iPhone users who use messages app very often. Apart this news, you must always be careful once the message is received from unknown source such or from a known source such as winning of lottery, prize etc. The newly discovered system bug lets the text messages to be spoofed.

The bug which has been recently discovered by Pod2g is not new but found now. This security bug exists in the messages since the launch of first iPhone ever. However, Apple has responded well to the situation after attention given by Pod2g. Now, after all this hue and cry, Engadget asked Apple regarding the issue and was responded quickly by Apple representative:

Apple takes security very seriously. When using iMessage instead of SMS, addresses are verified which protects against these kinds of spoofing attacks. One of the limitations of SMS is that it allows messages to be sent with spoofed addresses to any phone, so we urge customers to be extremely careful if they’re directed to an unknown website or address over SMS.

This statement makes it clear that Apple can’t practically do anything about this SMS spoofing because this is responsibility of the carrier. Remember that SMS spoofing can take on any device, any carrier regardless of operating system it is using, type and even carrier. It is therefore recommended not to open the links from unknown numbers and remain on toes while messaging from text messaging apps.

After the launch of new iOS 6, Apple intends releasing the new iOS free of existing SMS security issues. It appears that Apple has made it clear that their own iMessage service is free of this problem and if there is anything for which people should worry are the other small apps. It is good to know that Apple’s own application is free from such like issues. So an eye opener for the users that they must restrict themselves to the Apple’s own app.

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