Apple iPhone 5 Leaked Pictures of Large Front Panel Under Construction

As the launch of iPhone is coming closer, the unease seems to be increasing among the people who are anxiously waiting for it. This is not the first time that we are getting the leaked images of next generation iPhone. Rather every year when the launch of great smartphone by Apple is imminent, rumors are always spread till the time launch is not completed. There are so many rumors that all were not covered by us however, we have manged to get some important ones for you such as Leaked Photos also there were some leaked photos by Foxconn employee as well which remained under focus for quite sometime. This all is about the iPhone 5 which is going to be announced on September 12 and launching of same device will be on September 21 as per the rumors so far. This launch is around one month prior to iPhone 4S which was released in October 2011.

iPhone 5 Front Panel leaked Images

Remember that Apple is tightened the security of these leaks so they may be wrong and can only be assumptions but we have to believe them whether they are true or not. Few things are for sure about the fifth generation iPhone that it will be thinner is width with less number of dock connectors and its screen size is expected to be more than present that is rumored to be diagonally around 4 inches.

As far as the launch of new iPhone is concerned, this thing should also be kept in mind that all these rumors are leaks only and have no official value for us. According to Apple CEO, Tim Cook’s statement, “amazing new products in our pipeline that we look forward to discussing with you in the future,” which makes us believe that something great is going to be launched in a month time or so. Apple lovers are feeling it really difficult to wait for their dream day when new devices will be announced. We have also heard that launch of Apple iPad Mini maybe delayed due to some reasons. Current new iPhone pictures have been released by The pictures which have been leaked are of front panel so they have nothing to reveal. But apart large expected screen size, The new iPhone is expected to carry the same pixel density as the current device, leaving app developers with an additional few inches of screen space to fill, as per MacRumors. The leaked photos also show a zoomed-in look at the top of the panel, where serials numbers and an LCD connector are visual.

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