Apple iPhone 5 Leaked Pictures by Foxconn Employee

A Foxconn reliable source employee says that iPhone 5 Production has Started with Larger, 4-inch Display.

Every iOS fan is crazy about the information on how the new iPhone is going to look like. Last year people who had a lot of expectations suffered a lot of disappointment on the release of almost same looking and same featured iPhone 4S. Last year’s launch of iPhone 4S has further aggravated the curiosity of people who want to get some thing new from Apple’s side. Apple also has the idea that if they do not give something new to their customers, their sales will fall lower than even last year.

Android has made market just because of the reason Apple was successful in disappointing their faithful users. We could see last year that a lot of hype was created before the launch of iPhone 4S but that melted down immediately after its announcement. Android sets especially from Samsung and HTC kept coming with massive updates in operating system by Google which severely hampered the sales of Apple products. Apple is still leading the market in tablet sales but in case of smartphones, they are losing grounds.

iPhone 5 Leaked Pics

Like last year same hype has been created this year as well more than a couple of months before launch of iOS 6 with iPhone 5. Foxconn, a Chinese company which makes hardware for Apple products has already been ordered to make new design sets. Now this news has further aggravated the curiosity of people that how will the new phone look like. There is a reliable source who is working in Foxconn and he has leaked some pictures of new 5th generation iPhone for the consumption of fans.

The question comes to our mind that how it proves that the phone in pictures in real iPhone 5 or something Fake. The image is said to be disclosed from China, where a case producer revealed multiple photographs of the iPhone lying in their packing. Picture quality is slightly poor, and the model hasn’t been shown up close. The most surprising point which makes us believe that the pictures may be real, are the product shown in the pictures exactly fits the description of the of the upcoming Apple’s iPhone 5. The possibility of Foxconn employee to sneak out the pictures cannot be rules out. Apple has tightened the security of their factories but still there are rooms available.

The official launch date of iPhone 5 is also nearing that is expected in October 2012. The new iPhone is rumored to be coming with 19 pin dock connector and 4 inch display.[Read: Apple iPhone 5 to be Launched with 19 Pin Connectors] The new small dock connector will reduce the width of new 5th generation iPhone. This was also one of the most serious desire of users so lets hope the new iPhone comes with all what we have expected.

Till now all these are speculations but iPhone 5 is expected to come with new great specs such as A6 processor, Quad-core CPU, 1GB Ram and NFC.


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