Apple Dropped Curved Glass for iPhone 5 Design – New iPhone Will Have Sharp’s Display

Curved Glass Prototype Dropped

Most of us were surprised when the news came that Apple has designed a prototype typically numbered 0355 for te new iPhone 5. Toughened curved glass design was designed by ex Apple design team member Douglas Satzger (now VP of Industrial Design at Intel). Photos of curved glass prototype were released Network World.

Using curved glass was an idea to produce a more stylish and cool looking iPhone 5 for iPhone lovers world wide. The aim was to produce a device more robust and durable to protect iPhone if dropped on a hard surface by the user. Douglas Satzger reveled that the company was keen in developing the new iPhone with curved glass but following issues forced to change the course:-

– The technology available for curved glass to needs improvement.

– The cost of production is too high.

– The quality of glass particularly its hardness needs improvement.

– The design features were not that impressive as expected.

The above reasons made Apple to drop the idea of developing and mass producing curved glass styled iPhones. Now that the prototype has been rejected, the new iPhone 5 will be produced with the tested cost effective stylish Aluminum body which we were introduced to in 2007.

Although iPhone users around the world would have loved to have an even stylish curved glass iPhone 5 but the already in use design is also quite impressive and stylish. Every one is waiting for the release of the new iPhone 5 specially myself being an Apple lover.

iPhone 5

iPhone5 will have Sharp Display

Sharp Corp has been in rumors for providing displays for the new iPhone. But it seems that the rumors have come true and Sharp has recently confirmed that wil will be providing a new in-cell display technology based displays for the next generation iPhone. The new display will be having following features:-

– 4 inch display

– Thinner composition as compared to previous versions.

– Will be based on in-cell technology.

The supply of displays for the next generation iPhone will start this month (August) as confirmed by Sharp’s President Takashi Okuda in a briefing in Tokyo. The exact dates of shipment have not been declared by the company. It is expected that Apple will announce the new iPhone5 on September 12, 2012. The new iPhone 5 with Sharp manufactured display will look like following image as rumored on internet.

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