How To Add Settings Shortcuts to iPhone Home Screen With IconToggles [Cydia Tweak]

You must have noticed that every now and then a new Cydia Tweak is released by some developer. Not every new utility tweak is great but some of them are really awesome and make the user experience really better than before such as Turn to Hangup, BrowseInApp and LockScreenCustomizer. There are many others and if we start counting them, a long list will be made but tweaks will never come to an end. The thing which makes iOS experience better is that it not only allows users to customize, but also allows the developers to fiddle with the operating system. These customizations always bring positive changes for the users so People like to Jailbreak their iOS devices. Now this is never allowed by Apple vanilla apps that is why if you want to make changes to your iPhone, Jailbreak is must.

icon toggles

Opening of settings icon takes you to another great World in which normally we do not go because it is to make some important changes on your iPhone. Even if we are familiar with the menu, I have seen users hesitant to make changes through settings icon. Also there maybe a possibility that you are lost somewhere in search of specific setting. With the great efforts of VincenzoBB, the all new Cydia Tweak has been recently released for those who have dared to Jailbreak their iPhone.

Features of IconToggles Cydia Tweak

Have you ever thought of having some of the important settings in the form of icons placed on home screen of iPhone. This can be done now and you have the ability to place 16 important settings in the form of icons over your iPhone home screen. Another feature of this tweak to be remembered is that it is not restricted to settings icons only but also you can place some other important shortcuts in the form of icons such as new message, new mail and a few more. This feature saves your time which is spent, for example, going in the messaging app, and then search for new message option. Anything which is hidden under two, three or more folds can simply take a form of icon shortcut over home screen of iPhone.

1. New message
2. New call
3. New mail
4. Power off
5. Reboot
6. Respring
7. Safe mode
8. Activate Switcher
9. VolumeUp
10. Mute
11. Enable/Disable location
12. Enable/Disable Bluetooth
13. Enable/Disable airplane mode
14. Show fake Banner
15. Enter in edit mode.
16. WiFi

Download and Installation:

I must tell you that it is so far only developed for iPhone and will not work on iPad.The IconToggles Cydia tweak can be only installed on Jailbroken iPhone and supported by operating system iOS 5 and above. The app is available for $1.99 at BigBoss Repo. If you dont know how to make payments on Cydia Store click here for further instructions. If you want to Jailbreak your device on iOS 5.1.1 you can do it by using Absinthe or Redsn0w method.

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