How to Add New Repository or Source to Cydia

After Jailbreak your iOS device is only recognized by Cydia. The need to Jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is only that you can add more apps to the device. A large number of applications are available on Apple App Store but Jailbreak apps have a different perspective. Jailbreak apps fiddle with operating system by making some changes in overall appearance of your device. Apple App Store doesn’t allow such like apps which make changes to there iOS. Cydia is the only place where developers who make tweaks, themes, Jailbreak apps are recognized. But if you are fed up of Cydia apps and want more it means you have not added latest and sufficient sources or repos to your Cydia. [Read: Top 10 Must Have Cydia Repos 2013]


Now a number of sources exist on Cydia where these apps are available for download from various repositories or sources. The addition of new sources lets you explore much more than your expectations. Once you have sufficient number of sources available, it would become really simple to browse through certain repos, provided you know about where that particular app is available.

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As already stated that if you want to download and install colorful Cydia Apps, themes, tweaks etc on your iPhone, iPad, iPod there will be a need to Jailbreak your device. Once you Jailbreak the device some of the major Cydia repositories are already installed by default in sources. Adding new sources in Cydia is not at all difficult. The only requirement to add a new repo is that you should know the procedure and exact link to add.

How to Add New Source to Cydia

Following is the procedure to add new Repositories or Sources to Cydia:

1. Find the Cydia icon on the dreamboard after the Jailbreak process is complete.

2. Tap over Cydia icon and open it.

3. After the Cydia is open you will notice there are 5 tabs presented to you at the bottom of app. The place where you need to go is  the Manage tab. Tap over it.

4. Inside the manage tab you are shown three options on the main screen. Sources is located in the center, tap over it.

5. After tapping on the Sources section you will see a list of the pre-installed repositories which are already present on your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

6.  On the right top corner there is Edit button. Tap over it followed by Add button on left top corner of the device.

7. Once the Add button is tapped, you are taken to a new pop up where you are required to add link for repository to be added. Copy the link of desired repo to which you want to add and paste it in the center box.

8. Once the desired link is pasted at the blank space, tap over Add Source button.

9. A few seconds will be taken for the installation of new source with black screen. Once the installation is complete, tap over Return to Cydia button at the bottom of black screen.

10. Once you go back to sources page, you will find a new recently added repo in the list.

11. Tap over the newly installed repo, you will be taken to apps in the particular repository.

Thats it, you have now added a new source to Cydia where you will be able to install apps, tweaks and even themes depending upon what type of repo you have installed. Hope the steps were easily understandable and you were able to learn how to add new sources to Cydia on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. If you want to add some feedback or if you face any problems please let us know via comments.

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